At some point after being born you need to find a place to live. Often, for the lucky, upon birth the woman who birth’d you and (maybe) the man who provided the seed (or maybe the man, or maybe some other people) will take you into some sort of structure, some sort of abode, which may (in the English speaking world) be called a ‘house’. Often, though by no means always, you will remain in this house under the protection of your parents for an amount of years from 16 to more than 16 depending on some balance between the society you live in, the poverty of your parents and your development as a person. During this time it is traditional for your parents to feed you and attempt to develop you into a person who has some of the skills you will require to live in the world once you leave this house. These skills will hopefully be relevant to the society you live in. They will also give you the various emotional and social handicaps and scars you will carry for the rest of your life.



Once you have grown to the point where you are expected to leave the structure under which you have so far lived you will need to find another structure to live in. You now have to make a house of your own. Maybe you will pay a little money periodically to stay in someone else’s house. Maybe you will pay to own a house that has already been built. Maybe you will buy a space of the earth and build your own house. Maybe you will build the foundations and the walls, get a roof on there. Build some doors and some stair, get some flooring in there. Probably get some kitchen appliances and a bed. Get a shower and a bread bin. Get a garden hose and a door mat. Get a sofa and a key hanging thing. Get a wardrobe and a set of kitchen knives. Get a house. And maybe if you are lucky, get a home. I am told.