Renewable Human Energy?

There’s no time to waste.

Global warming is in full effect. The ice caps are melting. The polar bears are drowning.

10 years ago Al Gore, with the help of Leonoardo Di Caprio, helped wake the world up to the damage we are causing our Planet – our only planet.

An Inconvenient Truth was a cultural touchstone that ignited a passion for conservation and recycling, around the world. The modern day environmentalist was born. A socially active and politically vocal individual, empowered by Gore’s politics and using the internet as a soap box.

However, ten years on, its worth asking the question: do people still care about the environment?

With the engagement and proliferation of social networks – more and more social action groups are jostling for attention in front of the world’s media.

Every conceivable problem with the world, every injustice and crime, has its own Facebook Group and for every Group its own competing Group with slightly different morals – and for each one of them, an opposing Group vehemently gesticulating with upraised fists and crudely formed Memes.

gore di caprioWith all of these thousands upon thousands of people, vying for attention and worth – how can a single issue make it through the noise?

The issue, unfortunately for Gore and Di Caprio, needs to be an emotional one.

Our planet, despite the billions of individuals inhabiting it, has no single face. So when our dwindling fossil fuels are used to burn up the forests of our trees, there is no single victim we can immortalise in Gif form.

A Cincinnati zoo keeper shoots a Gorilla in captivity. Suddenly the world is aflame with fury and righteous indignation – in equal measure.

harambe-meme-2The anger is most palpable amongst the young. They have time to circle around the primate – relishing the fresh rage and indignation that they suddenly find so enlivening.

Some of them talk about candlelight vigils, others whisper conspiratorially about protests. A few act on their plans, taking their discussions to the streets – demanding a response from the general public.

Most feel the passion and rage inside of them – then choose to ‘share’ a poignant video, ‘like’ a pointed comment or post a status decrying the wrongdoers.

The deeds are done. But, before the dust is allowed to settle on Harambe’s warm corpse, a levee has broken and drowned a batch of baby turtles. Someone is to blame – the detectives of the internet will find out who.

Most importantly, however, everyone has forgotten about Harambe.

Global warming is still in full effect. The ice caps are still melting. The polar bears have resigned themselves to their fate and slide headfirst into the lukewarm waters of the Arctic Ocean.